Protection from the Elements

As humans, we only have so much control over what Mother Nature decides to do, but we can be prepared for any of the aftermath. Village Contractors offers insurance claims for hail, wind, fire and flood damage, providing you peace of mind that you can’t get anywhere else.

Nature can be beautiful, but it also can be mighty rough, so for those times where’s it’s stronger than your home or business, have a backup plan when you rely on Village Contractors’ insurance claims.


The damage done to roofs by hail is often hidden and out of sight. Hail normally has to be the size of a golf ball before it can break through your shingles and cause bruising.

If driven by high winds or if it hails for more than a few minutes, your roof will suffer from the loss of protective granular. This greatly reduces the life of your roof.

A Claims Specialist will conduct an independent inspection of your property to determine the extent of damage to your roof, siding, gutters, windows and interior of your home.


High winds, tornadoes and hurricanes cause structural damage and can rip off shingles, siding, and gutters and sometimes also take down fences. Flying debris can break windows, damage doors and overall, wreak havoc on the exteriors of properties.

Wind damage to roofs is often missed, like “wind uplift” where seals to shingles are broken, allowing dirt and debris from the storm to lodge under the shingles. Unfortunately, the shingles will never “reseal” back to their original integrity.

Allow our staff to assist you in identifying all the damage to your property, even if it is not obvious. Don’t assume that your property hasn’t suffered from damage.

Fire and Flood Insurance Claims


The destruction caused by fire is usually attributed to carelessness, electric shorting, power surges, lighting strikes, or downed power lines.

Repairing the damage created is dirty and includes demolition of all the affected areas. An evaluation of the structural integrity and architectural drawings on reconstruction of the property is a must.

As a general contractor, we will coordinate all activities with the architect, obtain city permits, and coordinate subcontractors and our “on the job” employees.


Flood damages occur when either your roof’s or windows’ integrity is compromised or the municipal drainage system’s capacity is overwhelmed by storm surges.

In P&C claims, it is imperative to be able to distinguish between the two. The first scenario is covered under a wind claim, the second under flood insurance. If you have both wind and flood insurance, two separate claims have to be filed, as well as two separate scopes of loss assessments documented. Keep receipts and allow us to document your loss.

To learn more or to take advantage of our reliable insurance claims, reach out to us today!

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